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Secure Anchorage 24/12/2013

An interesting and also unusual project which wasn't a normal after effects composition, this piece required very specific positioning of keyframed information to create mosaic style images. The technique require some serious pre-comping and pixel colour sampling to manage the quantity of layers.

Due to its unique character, overall it's very eye-catching and interesting piece. Click here to see the project breakdown

Bonds Explainer Film 24/12/2013

An alternative aproach to an explainer film, using abstract shapes along with fluid flat 2D techniques. Click here to see the project breakdown

Web update...new projects. 04/09/2013

A while ago I worked on some graphic sequences for a BBC programme called "I'm in a pop band". The style was set in the previous series so it was great to come in and work along similar lines and bring characters to life. Unfortunately I didn't get a copy of the final edit, but after much searching I found one clip on Youtube and another was supplied by a colleague.

Read more about this project here

The second update is a nice series of kinetic text explaining how insurance works and its benefits. These are always fun and allow ones own interpretation of the script. The branding colours and vector style allowed some nice contrast and pace.

To see the project and read more click here

Constellations Animation 03/09/2013

Plenty of working going through at the moment but as always so much of it is big brand corporate and confidential in the most part, so it may be about time to post something a little more fun.

A personal project born from my interest in looking up. I'm just in the final stages of animating all the constellations in to a quick 2 minute film. Here's the teaser while I finish off the final animation...soon.