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Animated GIFS 13/08/2014

I've just added a new category "animated GIFS" to the site due to the increased demand by clients. I've been aiming to create quick animations when I have some rendering time to kill, the majority are set as 50 frame looping animation but this is just a self imposed restriction.

I'll be adding more to this category on a regular basis and even providing breakdowns on my blog, but until then have a wander and enjoy the gift of an animated gif.

Solar Panels Explainer Film. 11/08/2014

This was a great project to work on, taking a strong narrative and working this into some flat artwork. The animation was all accomplished in After Effects. There were dozens of characters to animation, some were simple walk cycles others were more involved and interactive with elements within the scene. Click here to see the project breakdown

TV Commercial 15/04/2014

I particularly like the voice by Christopher Timothy of All Creatures Great and Small fame, although can't take any credit for choosing him.

Click here to see the project breakdown

Secure Anchorage 24/12/2013

An interesting and also unusual project which wasn't a normal after effects composition, this piece required very specific positioning of keyframed information to create mosaic style images. The technique require some serious pre-comping and pixel colour sampling to manage the quantity of layers.

Due to its unique character, overall it's very eye-catching and interesting piece. Click here to see the project breakdown